Friday, 19 December 2008

Day 80 of 365: England, England, Have You Any Wool?

No Sir, No Sir...not past 3 or 4pm at least.

Okay, it doesn't rhyme. But seriously. I was on a mission today to find some yarn. I noticed some knitting needles at Aldi for £1.99 a couple weeks back and I have been considering taking it up as a hobby for a while now anyway. Apparently marriage has aged me 30 years.

Matt and I did a search on one of the kiosks at the mall while waiting for some photos to be developed. It came up with a store called 'Woolbridge' and we were certain they must have yarn in their inventory as they had 'wool' in part of their store name and it would be false advertising otherwise...right? Well, we were wrong anyway because the store's ACTUAL name was 'Woodbridge' and they neither had wood nor wool. Instead it was handbags and umbrellas -- both unfortunately NOT today's assignment.

Mildly disgruntled, we decide to take a gander at Tesco Extra in Cradley Heath. After all, they do have 'Extra' in their name...kind of like 'Super' WalMart...and maybe, just maybe they might have something...I dunno...EXTRA?

Wrong AGAIN!

Perhaps the 'Extra' refers to the escalators designed for shopping trolleys? Tesco Extra is pretty much a WalMart...only without the mass selection of random items. Actually, not even a WalMart...I have to downshift a bit and say KMart (by that I mean...groceries, small clothing and electronics sections, and toys...but no Blue Light Special). However, despite my high expectations...STILL NO YARN!!

But hey...they DO have TWO levels! OoooOooo...fancy.


Beth said...

Actually, even Walmart have discontinued carrying sewing and knitting stuff here in the States! I used to love their $1 bin for random fabric to use in my classroom.

Shes Not From Yorkshire said...

loved your pic of the tesco escalator... don't you like how its not only magnetic but it it has a steep incline?

Meg said...

I actually enjoy riding it as much as a kid who has never been on one. It's silly.