Sunday, 28 December 2008

Day 89 of 365: Horsing Around (The Town?)

Yep...another Sunday at Em & Daz's with lovely Xbox entertainment complete with a pose-able Sweepy kitty.

******* THIS JUST IN *******

We interrupt this blog to bring you breaking news --

On the way home from Em & Daz's I was running through my head what to discuss in tonight's blog when I noticed two trotting shadows ahead of us on the road. As we got closer I realized it was a couple of horses...just gallivanting down the dual carriageway!

Matt immediately asked for my phone and pulled over to dial '999' (which is the UK version of '911'). He explained to the operator that there were two horses, an adult and a baby, loose down the dual carriageway near Holly Hall School. As he was doing this I jumped out of the car to try to get a picture of the hurried hoofed-mammals, but they picked up speed and were too far down the road to see in the photo. Matt managed to pull up and drive slowly alongside the baby to make sure the horses were safe until the police could arrive.

*Don't mind the crazy, Kodak-wielding American...
...carry on, little horsies*

Oh and speak of the devils...they show up just minutes later just in the time for the horses to reach a full gallop and quickly approaching a notoriously busy roundabout. You may be wondering as you're reading at this point...'what could police possibly do in a situation like this?'

Well friends, I'll tell you...

...they pull them over! Duh!! Crazy drunks.

Ah, Stourbridge Road in Dudley is now a safer place without a couple of delinquent horses on the loose. You're welcome.


Brianne said...

Horses and England. Two of my favorite things. I would have hopped out of the car and rode them home!

Meg said...

The police MAY have taken up issue with that. Hehe.

geeta said...

Hilarious! Great that you had your camera along with you, too!

UK Christine =^..^= said...

This was great! I hope they have found their way home now with the help of the police.

You had such a great post.. I'm about to post yet another boring cat pick, nothing of any value happened today. lol