Monday, 22 December 2008

Day 83 of 365: Tis The Season to Get Drizzy

Fa la la la -- *thud*

Seriously though, it's not like that. DH and I decided to enjoy some with Pepsi. Let's blame it on the cold flat -- it keeps us warm.

Nothing of great importance or general interest to report today. Our mantle is gathering more and more Christmas cheer in the form of glittery greeting cards and I even received one from a friend in Ohio, which included a recent Christmas photo of her two gorgeous children, Michael and Mary. I will need to find a magnet soon so it can take it's place upon our fridge after the holidays. Do people in England do that -- plaster their fridges with magnets holding pictures of friends & their children? Many fridges here are the size of college mini-fridges in the States. The one Matt and I have at the moment is about 5 feet tall, with the freezer portion at the bottom. Oh well, I may very well have to start a tradition, regardless.

On that note, if you, my friends, have photos of your cutie patooties and you have neglected to send me one (so I can gush year after year about how much they've grown) then you better step on it!

Also, I've noticed there have been some readers of my blog from far and wide (Colorado, Belgium, France, etc.). It appears 'Meg in the UK' has gone a bit global. Feel free to leave a comment to let me know you stopped by. You don't have to have a blogger account and you can even leave it anonymously, if absolutely necessary.


Marsha said...

You brought back some memories with the 'magnets on fridge' comment. I have to say, I don't think I've ever seen that here in the UK!

Shes Not From Yorkshire said...

yes, my fridge (the size of a shoebox as well!) is also covered in magnets galore with pics galore. There are so many I cant find my fridge.

Goobielicious said...

Who cares about Colorado. Throw Virginia some props!

Meg said...

I love VA just as much, B. In fact, maybe more since I've never been to CO. I was just pulling random places off my tracker.