Sunday, 30 November 2008

Day 60/61 of 365: **NO INTERNET**

I am NOT friends with Virgin Media at the moment. They seem to have gotten into the habit of cancelling our net and phone BEFORE we've received our bill to pay it. Unfortunately, we won't have the money to pay until this Friday, when I have gotten my first paycheck. We could pay, but then that would leave us no petrol to get me to and from teaching posts if they are in Birmingham (which they have been).

I have photos from each day, but I will have to update/backdate once our connection is restored. In the meantime, a postcard to Virgin Media...

Dear Virgin Media,

I hate you. We're fighting. In fact, I will be calling you soon from BT or Skype to confirm I STILL hate you.

NOT Your Friend,

P.S. Shove THAT up your "shadow credit limit."

1 comment:

PeacefulYorkshire said...

Hi meg
your post made me laugh, only because I've been through hell with them too...
Maybe you should send your post card annonymously?? hehe
Peaceful Yorkshire