Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Day 57 of 365: Round Two! *ding, ding*

I received my paperwork yesterday in the mail from Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs to apply (AGAIN) for my National Insurance Number. I filled it out this afternoon and now it's ready to go back in the post for Timeplan to send off. The one which was sent previous (6th of Nov) was sent with a photocopy of my fiance visa rather than my residence permit and I received a response back within 10 days saying that my application itself was refused because I "did not need a National Insurance Number." Clearly this was because I am not legal to work on a fiance visa which makes it pointless to have a NINo. Little did they know, Timeplan made a big ole boo boo and should have sent different documentation to prove my eligibility to work in the UK -- namely via my Residence Permit, valid until Nov. 2010.

Now it's all settled and I hope to know something more at least by my first itty bitty pay on the 5th of December. As of tomorrow I will have two day's pay from supply posts, possibly three if I get called to a post for Friday as well.

Tomorrow is my trial day with a Year 5 class. This time it's at a Catholic school just outside Birmingham City Centre, so I'm hoping behaviour will be a little more in line. The up side to this is that if things are successful, I may be offered a long-term post there teaching Year 4 in January for the rest of the school year. This time, I not only have more backup lesson plans, but some fun brain-teasers as well, as long as there's time.

Thought I would also include a piccy of the little Prince Myst. He fell asleep on the footstool in front of me shortly after Matt passed out on the sofa. He must have been resting up for his main snooze! Not sure how comfy the Xbox remote was, however.


Helen said...

That little face needs kisses!

Elynor said...

Too cute!