Monday, 24 November 2008

Day 55 of 365: My Trusty A to Z

In lieu of dropping breadcrumbs, I find this method more reliable.

I got two phone calls from Timeplan today. The first was to confirm some details about this coming Thursday and my post to cover Year 5. The second caught me off guard, having only just spoken to someone, and the conversation went a bit like this...

Me: Hello?
PG: Hello Megan, it's PG from Timeplan. Another call today, how are you?
Me: I'm doing alright. Thanks.
PG: That's good. We need a Year 2 cover for ***** Primary School tomorrow morning, are you available?
Me: Absolutely.
PG: Great! It's in Winson Green and the post code is *** ***. You will report to Mrs. M. Just remember to bring your time sheet.
Me: *furiously writes down info trying to decipher certain words in PG's New Zealand accent* Okay, great.
PG: Wonderful. I'll ring your mobile tomorrow afternoon to see how things went. You'll be fine.
Me: Thank you.
PG: Alright then, bye.

About this time is when my stomach starts to knot up. This will be my official FIRST DAY of supply teaching, EVER. I never did it in the states...just went right into teaching 3rd grade my first year. I shouldn't be as nervous as I am, and I know that, but my head is getting the best of me. I think my anxiety levels have gotten worse with age and I feel so silly for literally feeling this way. I know once I get day 1 out of the way, it will get better.

Here goes nothing!

*leaps off cliff into choppy waters below with 20-30 potentially hungry 6-7 year olds*

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Goobielicious said...

Good luck. Make sure you teach them proper Southern English.