Thursday, 20 November 2008

Day 51 of 365: Back to School

So, what has TWO thumbs and may also soon have potential long-term employment?!

*points thumbs towards self*


I received a phone call yesterday about a position in a primary school in Birmingham that needs a Year 4 teacher to start for January. It's a long-term post to finish out the school year through July. Timeplan sent them my details this afternoon and had a reply off them within the hour! They even want me to come in next Thursday for a "trial day" in Year 5, and I will get paid as if it were a supply post!!

For now, I'm brushing up on the curriculum and getting some backup lessons prepared just in case. Year 4 is about the same as 3rd grade in the US, and 3rd grade happens to be the grade I taught my first year out of University.

Woo hoo for £110 for the day...that's petrol and groceries for next week! I won't waste away into nothing after all. :-P


UK Christine =^..^= said...

SUPER congrats!! :)

Peaceful Yorkshire said...

Us gals st Shes not from Yorkshire are enjoying reading your blog!
Congrats on your potential employment-- I taught level 4 music in a council school when I first lived in Scotland, and darling, it was not easy! But if you ever need to rant, you know who to come to!
Peaceful Yorkshire