Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Day 42 of 365: Blinders

The amount of sheer concentration in his face is priceless. I don't even think he flinched or noticed when I set dinner down in front of him. A nuclear explosion could not break his focus. I know I've posted another of Matt playing Xbox somewhere in this blog, but it's the only worthwhile photo I've taken all day.

Matt came with me this morning to Jilly's Coffee Shop to meet a woman who is interested in someone to watch her 3 kids during the week. Two are school-aged and the third is a cute little 2-year-old. I met the older two and her husband later in the evening at her house. The boys are very much true boys. The majority of the night was spent showing me how many karate moves they could do. I guess when you're 5 and 8, it's important to get that stuff out of the way up front -- show the potential babysitter your massive strength and agility. They definitely have a lot of energy, but 3 kids are no match for the 24 I dealt with on a daily basis in a classroom.

I say...BRING IT!!


UK Christine =^..^= said...

Hey, send me an IM with his Xbox Live User Name.. When Andy gets his Xbox back (it is currently somewhere on the ocean between the US and Texas) he can add him. Andy plays tons of games on there! Does Matt also have a Playstation 3? I think Andy is thinking of getting one, I guess it can be a Christmas gift. Or should I say.. at those prices the ONLY Christmas gift! lol

Helen said...

OMG, Guy looks JUST like that when he's at it, too! (Only with less hair!)