Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Day 35 of 365: Election Day

As you can see, I did NOT vote for the blackcurrant flavoured midget gems. In fact, I voted them OUT (of the bag, that is) so I could find the darker green and red ones hiding in the bottom under the pile of black. I hate the way they taste -- like black licorice -- ick, ick, ICK! Matt likes them though, so I save them for him.

Such a good wifey.


UK Christine =^..^= said...

Couple things about this post:

1) I also hate blackcurrant it is a vile taste and like Matt, Andy loves it so I would be doing the same thing.

2) You see what you did here right? You used 'flavoured'.. See that little extra 'u' that you used? lol Has the new Visa in your passport changed you that much? ;)

Meg said...

I just figured every British person alive who reads my blog will eventually point out I spelled it "wrong" when I only used the spelling I've ever known...so yeah, I broke.

DocKB1974 said...

Saw this and chuckled....yeah the black ones taste terrible.

Helen said...

I loooove black currant! But it tastes nothing like liquorice (which I loathe). Maybe the colour is making you think that?