Friday, 14 November 2008

Day 45 of 365: Tough Life

This is a common topic of conversation between me and Matt -- how hard Myst has it, being a cat. No job. No responsibility. No worry about paying bills. Just lounging around all day being given tuna and crunchies...not a care in the world. Don't let the picture fool you, though. He's not as sweet and innocent as he looks -- keeping us up all hours of the night while he chases his ball down the stairs (carrying it back up repeatedly to do it again) or scampers across the bedroom floor only to start tearing at the wallpaper. Each night we place bets how many times it will take before his fuzzy rump gets locked in the kitchen.

I met with Sue and the kids again today to see where the boys come out of their classrooms. I'll start next week watching the little girl in the morning and then picking the boys up at school in the afternoon for 3 days. Not bad considering I still have open times available for supply work if needed, and I have registered as well with a tutoring agency, which pays £16.50/hr. for tutoring clients' children in the local area. Between those three jobs I should be able to start bringing in a decent amount of money on my own to help out.

Still, I wish I could be a cat.


UK Christine =^..^= said...

OMG.. Love the paw! :)

Meg said...

You can't see his thumb in that picture...but I'm bound to get one soon...hehe.

Elynor said...

My only reservation about being a cat is the licking-yourself-clean bit. Eww!