Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Day 50 of 365: Driving Miss Daisy

The funny thing is...I LITERALLY did -- well, I "drove" her in her pushchair anyway.

My pint-sized pal and I headed back home after dropping the boys at school this morning. We missed Balamory but arrived just in time to catch the tail end of Mr. Tumble teaching how to sign 'football boots.' Then Daisy's favourite...In the Night Garden. The convenient part about that program is that they say 'goodnight' to all the characters at the end, which also coincides with her nap time, so I casually turn off the TV and say it's time for her to sleep too. She's really good about it -- no arguing or crying -- she just grabs her blanket and heads up to her bed where she proceeds to talk to all her wall stickers until her eyes get heavy and she falls asleep 20-30 minutes later.

I usually take advantage of the quiet "alone" time to read a book until it's time to reverse the route to get the boys from school again. Today I finished a bit early since their grandma met us at the school...which then meant I walked home.

Lots of walking for my midget legs today. But I don't's good for me.

According to The Walk Zone, I walked roughly 6.31 miles (13,209 steps) since leaving the flat this morning. We'll see how accurate that really is when I actually rely on my pedometer Friday.

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UK Christine =^..^= said...

Love your title about the bacon! HA! I have my first real interview today.. wish me luck! :) I need to earn some bacon also... lol