Saturday, 8 November 2008

Day 39 of 365: A Game of "Chest"

This is the game of "chest" (commonly known to adults as 'chess') according to little an adorable little toddler.

First, you take out all the plastic pieces. Next, you set them up, at random, on the chess board (while Em puts them in the correct places). Once all the pieces are in place, you lift the magnetic board in the air and shake vigorously until all the pieces fall to the floor and then ask if your opponent would like to play again.

Matt and I went to Tony & Emma's tonight (a mutual friend of Em & Daz's) to partake in some fireworks and a bit of tasty munch. While the men-folk messed about outside with the pyrotechnics, Em and I stayed inside where it was warm and I looked on as she struck up this game with Tony & Emma's 2-year-old. Matt popped in for a bit when it started to rain, and I invited him to come learn to play chess. He claimed he already knew how, but I assured him that this version was definitely different -- not to mention the kids seemed to call it "chest" instead of chess.

Needless to say, it was very cute to watch.

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