Saturday, 31 July 2010

Year 2 Day 304: Pa-Pa-Paparazzi!

No,'re right. Our child is not a pose-able toy. But I Just. Can't. Resist. Too bad Myst doesn't take direction very well. He'll never make it as a Top Model.

There we go! But no smiles? C'mon!

Ryan and I took our walk early today so I had my 10,000 steps before 1pm. I would have even have kept walking if I didn't get side-tracked by walking through the park and losing momentum going back up the steeper end of the hill. He screeched as expected and I looked and felt like I had just run a 10K. Ew!

At some point before we went to Em & Daz's for the night, I had to take a photo of my two favourites -- my gorgeous guys! I love them both SOOOO much!

Ryan was excited to see his cousin, like usual...

" No...I didn't do anything. It was Amy."

In the end they both enjoyed their share of telly-viewing for the night by bogarting the tv.

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