Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Year 2 Day 300: Sixty-Five and Counting Down

Only sixty-five days remain of the second year of my 365 photo-blog. I've contemplated leaving it after this, but I can't see myself taking photos any less, so who knows.

Ryan has developed some excellent monkey-skills. Matt was playing on the floor with him a bit tonight and he was practically trying to climb Daddy's arm. Unfortunately Daddy is feeling a bit poorly and is trying to limit his physical contact with little man -- which he is finding VERY hard since he loves the one-on-one time they have together. So he did cave a bit and take some time out to play.

Ryan loved it, naturally. In fact, he has been a squealing machine this afternoon and evening. We had a longer walk than normal because I've fallen behind on my 10K steps/day goal a few days last week and have been determined to make them up so the average is still 10K. I think Ryan spent the entire second half of the 4.4 mile journey screeching and squealing like a little piglet.

Usually a nice long walk ensures a nice long sleep for him...but not tonight. Shortly after following our nightly routine and putting him down, the *PING* of his eyelids opening almost echoed off the walls.

He was NOT ready for bed.

So back downstairs he came until nearly 1am to continue rolling around on (and off) his play mat and squawking like some rare jungle bird.

Perhaps I should thank the full-moon?

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