Monday, 5 July 2010

Year 2 Day 278: Cuddle Bug

Someone loves his Nan...and her cuddles!


Knithappens said...

aww this is so special , Lillia has no grandparents, he US side dont bother with her and my parents are both deceased, it is such a special realtionships kids have with grandparents, i wish she had this too

Meg said...

That's a shame that her only living grandparents don't make an effort. We only have Matt's parents since my dad doesn't show any interest from the US...and I only ever met/knew my mom's parents.

I just hope we can get to the States for a visit so that my Nan can meet Ryan. He is her first great-grandson (2nd great-grandchild) and there's another on the way with one of my younger cousins.

We do try to make sure Ryan gets to spend time with them every week.