Monday, 19 July 2010

Year 2 Day 292: This Could Be Love

Matt rang the house mid-day to tell me to get the beef mince out of the freezer so we could have pasta "mess" tonight. I decided then that Ryan (who is seven months old today) was ready to have his first encounter with this scrummy meal of twirly pasta, beef mince, and mushrooms all in some Home Pride Creamy Tomato & Herb sauce. Oh...and silly me...I almost forgot the best part...the cheesy topping!

I sat just opposite Ryan as I usually do when he eats in his Bumbo, so I would be close by should he have any trouble with the twirls or mince -- also to keep pasta from being thrown at the walls. But I should have known better -- Ryan will certainly not be one to waste any food if he has any control over it. Nearly everything went straight into his mouth! He did gag a little on the pasta twirls, but mainly because they got sticky inside his mouth and either stuck to the roof of his mouth of the centre of his tongue.

Tricky twirls.

I have to say that I was quite impressed at how his general approach has advanced a bit. He used to just grab food, squash it and shove it in his gob. Now he picks it up and really looks at it before carefully putting it in. In fact, I think this is why he gags less now than he did at the beginning -- yet another positive for BLW. Also, he doesn't quite have the pincer yet, but that didn't stop him with the smaller bits of mince. He did a modified version with two hands and still managed to get it to his lips.

By the end of the meal Ryan had a Homer Simpson-esque 5 o'clock shadow of tomato sauce on his face and his hands were covered in orange as well! I think next time I will feel a bit more comfortable to give him more than I did this time as he was slightly frustrated when it was over.

Mind you, that frustration ended quickly when I brought his tub into the room and he realised it was splash time -- but I'll save that for another blog.

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Brianna said...

Look at Ryan go to town! Such a big man he is eating like that :)