Saturday, 3 July 2010

Year 2 Day 276: We Are Fa-mi-ly!

Ryan and his older cousin, Amy, have a special relationship. She was born just 5 months before him and is now about to celebrate her first birthday this month. Time has really flown!!

He gets so excited now when he sees her (which is usually every weekend) and tonight was no exception. In fact, tonight Amy was quite hilarious to Ryan as each time she would crawl close to him it would send him into fits of giggles. With Ryan sitting on my lap, she would hold onto my legs to stand herself up, then grab my hand in one of hers and Ryan's in the other. It was so sweet!

They have such an openness with one another already as well. For instance...

Amy sits in Ryan's face.

Ryan bites her bum.

Simple as. No beating round the bush with these two.

Of course, Ryan should always be prepared for the repercussions of his retaliatory strikes.

At the end of the day, how lucky are they to live so close to one another that they will always have someone to play with growing up and always have each other? Pretty darn lucky, I think.

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