Sunday, 18 July 2010

Year 2 Day 291: Public Service Announcement

Dear Public of Rowley Regis (and the surrounding Sandwell Area),

I am NOT a chav.

Should you see me walking along the pavement in my green Adidas tracksuit bottoms and hoodie, with my hair pulled back and pushing my son in his pram, please do not confuse me for one. I wear a pedometer, which automatically disqualifies me from such a status and instead makes me quite athletic in my mother country.

You see, when leaving for my walk this afternoon, I was cautioned by my lawfully wed that people may see me and assume that because of my attire, I was a chav. On the contrary, I wore my Adidas bottoms due to the highly windy weather conditions and because of their durability and comfort when walking long-distances. Walking for exercise, I might add...not to the nearest off-licence.

I hope that in the future, my choice in wardrobe will not bring any concern to passers-by that might otherwise make them feel the need to cross the street to avoid walking past a perceived delinquent. I'm just a regular mom with a reputable career trying to live a healthy lifestyle by participating in a bit of physical activity.

Better than being sat on my arse at home chain-smoking and watching Jeremy Kyle.

Kind Regards,

Your 'non-chavvy' Neighbour


Knithappens said...

hehe :)

Amanda said...

LOL. I still remember when my fiance tried to explain to me what a chav was, such a cultural phenomenon. Did you ever see Little Britain? There's a chav character, Vicky Pollard. So spot on! If you haven't seen it, here's a video on youtube--sure to entertain!!