Monday, 12 July 2010

Year 2 Day 285: Ryan's Booty

Matt and I stopped by Matalan tonight as he needed a new pair of trousers for work. The jeans that he had been wearing up until now have permanent 'air-conditioning' so a newer pair was a necessity. Since Ryan is outgrowing many of his 3-6 month vests already, I was keeping an eye out for those...except this is what we came home with.

The 3-piece "Animal" outfit was courtesy of Daddy's winnings from the World Cup pool at work. He and each of his 9 fellow work-mates chose 3 teams from a hat. The teams Matt happened to pick were Argentina, Brazil, and Spain. Pure luck, really...but everyone at work joked that they should have just given him the money from the beginning. So tonight when we stumbled across this cute outfit, he decided it was too cute to pass up for his dear son and offered half of his prize dosh!

Of course we made a £2.50 exception as well for 3 pair of matching socks. Socks which I might add look almost scarlet & gray, which also means they will match attire of the Ohio State persuasion.

Convenient, yes?

And then of course we have the vests. He has sleeveless 6-9 month vests, and normally I'm not much for ones with artwork as they're normally on under all of his clothes...but I figured when he outgrows these I can turn them into a quilt...or pay someone who knows how to quilt to turn them into one.

Needless to say, I'm pleased with our clothing haul tonight and likely have a bit of pre-washing to do tomorrow before finding a special place for these new duds in his wardrobe -- all ready for our little man to wear!

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