Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Year 2 Day 301: They're BAAAAAAACK!

This time with a vengeance, too! The big question is: Will this teething session last another 3 months or will we see results sooner rather than later? Also, this photo is a little deceiving because to the untrained eye it appears as though little Ryan is just getting a bit "jiggy wit it." But nooooo. This is when he begins to bounce up and down on the balls of his feet whilst remaining stiff like a board...all mere SECONDS before the following...


I was hoping another 4 mile walk would knock him out tonight, but he managed to stay his squeaky self the entire way through. Still, it gave me (and many passers-by) plenty of entertainment.

I did reintroduce baths back into the routine. We are in need of a proper bath "chair" for the big bath now since he likes to play God in his baby bath and create mini-Typhoons to potentially drown his "village" of toys nearby on the carpet. So Matt and I agreed it's time to make the transition. But since we don't have the chair yet, he had to settle for a Johnson's bubble bath with Mommy.

I brought him downstairs after to put his nappy on him and lotion his baby legs and he enjoyed a nice episode of Waybuloo. Then he was dressed in his penguin vest and scooped up to be carried back upstairs for bed.

It took less than 10 minutes into his feed for him to be spark out, so I'm hoping and praying he will stay down longer tonight than he did last night as I barely slept a wink. But it does look like the bath may be helping and more than likely needs to stay.

::crossing fingers::

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Brianna said...

Mini Typhoons, hilarious! Hope you all get some sleep tonight!