Friday, 30 July 2010

Year 2 Day 303: Mommy's Monkey

Someone woke me bright and early this morning with his little screeches and decided he was way too alert to go back to bed. Any guessed who that was?

If you answered my little monkey, then you're CORRECT!!

He finally fits into his little 'Banana Bandit' outfit that was sent from the States from a family friend (and one of my former elementary school teachers) Mrs. Mall. Wow! I'm an adult now and still can't bring myself to call her by her first name! I feel so silly.

She and her daughter, Jen (my friend) sent loads of wonderful stuff just before Ryan was born and this was one of the first outfits I pulled from the box. It's so cute with little bandanna-wearing monkey heads and a banana on the bum of his trousers! I couldn't wait for him to finally be long enough to be able to wear it.
Luckily it was quite damp out today, so I thought it to be the perfect opportunity. Unfortunately, I only took just a few photos today and this was the least blurry of the bunch. But it did really suit him and kept him nice and cozy while he scooted around the floor.

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