Friday, 16 July 2010

Year 2 Day 289: My Little Charmer

Ladies and Gentlemen, behold! This is the face that will steal many hearts for years to come -- I can surely see it now (and I'm allowed that right as his mama, naturally). I can't even begin to explain how happy this little boy makes me, nor illustrate the sheer joy he brings me. It's euphoric...and it's all mine (and Matt's too...I guess).

During the week we spend our mornings roughly the same each day. Mostly together on his play mat where he rolls about like a little tumbleweed. Sometimes we're practicing sitting or standing. Sometimes we're singing songs we learned from the telly programmes such as ones about Little Peter Rabbit, who happened to have a fly upon his nose or others about little green frogs -- and we even incorporate a little sign and finger play. Sometimes we even sit and hold hands...just because...and my little man looks right into my eyes while I gaze dreamily at his and fall head over heels in love all over again.

I've said it before, and as mushy as it sounds I'll repeat it again and don't truly understand the depth of your own love until you have a child of your own. Seriously! Love for your friends/family...not the same. Falling in love with your spouse or partner...close, but still it can't compare. It is by far the BEST. FEELING. EVER!

Anyway, I'll step down from my little Love-Fest, party of one for now.

When Matt returned home from work I asked if he could drop Ryan and I at Merry Hill to have a bit of a wander since he was going so spend some time with Daz in the man-cave (i.e. Daz's kitchen). We looked around in several shops when we were there and without fail in every one, Ryan managed to woo the ladies with his smile.

He did it in Boots. He did it in Asda. He did it in Pumpkin Patch.

In fact, it was in Pumpkin Patch, as they were preparing to close up, that the sales associate was completely twitterpated with my son. She leaned in to give him a little hello and his smile spread from ear to ear! She then commented on his smile and his factor of munchability (his cuddliness) while he grinned even bigger and giggled -- and this sent her over the edge. She couldn't walk away! She just kept gushing about how she didn't want him to leave the shop and how his cheeks must hurt. Mind you, I was just happy that my little guy brought his A-game and chose to leave 'Seperation-Anxiety-Ryan' at home.

Work your magic there, mini-Cassanova!

We eventually made our way out and headed out of the mall and across the car park to Toys R Us. Their website said they were open until 10pm so we were going to continue our window shopping there...if only it weren't for the false advertising and the sign on the door that indicated they shut at 8pm instead.

I still had 5,000 steps to make up on my pedometer so I was fully prepared to just walk to Em & Daz's and meet Matt there with it being just over a mile and a half, but then thought it may be a bit too dark in that time and I wouldn't want Matt to worry, so I rang him and arranged to just meet me at Brewer's Wharf.

I walked around to a populated section when Ryan started to fuss a bit. I pulled him out of his push-chair and we walked for a bit along the Waterfront looking at the canal and narrow-boats until Matt arrived and we headed for home.

I got Ryan ready for bed as Matt did a quick tea of egg on toast and even little toast soldiers for Ryan to nom as well so I could eat mine at the same time. When we were through, I took him upstairs, fed his hungry belly and held his little baby hand as he drifted off to sleep with the help of his Pal, Scout and some soothing bedtime music.

Who knows, he's probably dreaming right now of his next master charm his way out of bedtime altogether. HA!

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