Thursday, 22 July 2010

Year 2 Day 295: Friends, Fun and a Little R & R

Ryan and I had a special visit today from some friends. Jamie and her daughter Reagan from up north and Patty and her husband Ian from down south. Patty and Jamie are fellow ex-pats who have also frequented the site UK Yankee (before some nameless mods on there got all 'high and mighty' and started banning people for little to no valid reason). In fact, Patty is even from my home state of Ohio!

We've all mentioned, in the past. meeting up at some point and Jamie has even met up with Patty & Ian a couple of times, but it was only earlier this week that Jamie and Patty came up with the brilliant idea to visit on their way back from seeing Jamie. Unfortunately two husbands had to miss out -- Alan, who is Jamie's hubby, and my very own, Matt. The men-folk had to work being it was a mid-week visit, but we all agreed that we will have to get together again with everyone next time. I know Matt looks forward to meeting everyone, too.

Ian and Patty arrived first with Jamie and Reagan following closely behind. I gave them a little tour of our happy home and we had some chit-chat in the front room while Reagan and Ryan met for the very first time. Reagan made the first move by touching Ryan's head, and naturally, my little flirt tried his charm on her. Apparently Ryan's courting techniques could use some fine tuning, however, as he went from giggling and babbling to Reagan to trying to eat her hand.

Hmm. Me-thinks not a good move there little buddy.

We aimed to check out one of the local pubs, only silly me, I neglected to make note of the times they served lunch and we happened to miss the 12-2pm window. This left us with settling for a familiar 'American' chain...Subway.

So into this tiny establishment we went with our badass American selves.

Ian was there, too.

Photos were taken before everyone's grande departure and I definitely look forward to seeing everyone again, soon...with even more 'American' power.

And in the meantime...I think love is in the air!

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