Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Year 2 Day 280: Pancake Face!

Guess who tried pancakes for the first time today?! It was nice because they were small enough to just give him a whole pancake, but unfortunately they made quite a mess. Once he would get a whole pancake broken into smaller crumbs he would then pick those bits back off his tray with one hand and place them back into his mouth before chewing away. I don't even think he gagged once this time, which is a first.

I have to hand it to the little guy, he's getting to be pretty accurate with his aim, too -- even when handling a spoon. He's taking this whole eating thing pretty seriously at only 6.5 months!

We did have the telly on during his little feast, which isn't typical since we're usually outside or sitting at a table, but he had a rough day so I had to put on some 'Get Squiggling' to serve as a distraction while I got the pancakes. Here you can see that something clearly dramatic and suspenseful has happened on this children's cartoon.

But alas. Squiglet has saved the day with his squiggle-pad and squiggle-sticks it seems and all is well again in the world -- just look at the relief on Ryan's face (right next to the crumbs of pancake). Whew! Thank goodness for that!


The New Mrs. C said...

You can REALLY see Ryan's little teeth in the photo where he looks suspenseful. :)

Very cute, as always.

And it's nice to see "American pancakes" as opposed to the little dinky English pancakes. :)

Meg said...

Yeah, you can see them a little in the first photo as well, so they're really popping up. They're sharp as hell too...he's forever grabbing my fingers and toes to bite on, hehe.

Those are actually the small, pre-packaged pancakes (about the size of a palm) it's just that Ryan is so small it makes them look big! :-P