Thursday, 15 July 2010

Year 2 Day 288: Who Are The People In Your Neighbourhood?

No joke...this is a REAL sign in the UK. I don't know that I have ever seen one of these before in the States, but they absolutely exist here. That being said, my walk this afternoon prompted me to include a special section in my post about what I learned about my neighbours today. I may even make this a regular, weekly thing complete with photos next time, but we'll see.

Along my route today I learned a lot about the people who live in the area. Did I meet or speak to anyone? No. Did I spy on them? Not really. All I did was walk on the pavement, pushing Ryan in his push-chair, and observe what was around me.

It's amazing what people openly advertise:

  • A couple was married in Vegas (license-plate sized sign in their front window stating such).
  • Someone is an avid gardener/green thumb (judging by the state of her front garden, I may be inclined to suspect they own a flower shop...or bought one out).
  • Likewise, someone else apparently does not own a lawn mower, or even a pair of garden sheers for that matter (this front garden mirrored that of the Amazon Rainforest...on Miracle Grow -- it was out of control!)
  • Someone is pregnant or was recently (her green pregnancy notes were openly displayed on the dashboard of her car -- something that would quite frankly worry me due to data protection issues).
  • At least two people have an obsession with hoarding or be in need of a 12-step-programme (they feel the need to display their ENTIRE collection of creepy porcelain dolls IN THEIR FRONT WINDOW!)
  • Someone likely has lofty goals of a classy US career or is a complete and utter Chav (based on her "pimped out" car with the phrase 'Play With Me' across the windscreen bordered with Playboy Bunnies and matching hot pink Playboy Bunny seat covers).
The last one may be a bit "judgy" on my part, but it definitely passed the time quickly on that walk. Distractions can be good.

When I returned I got tea on and prepared some homemade chips for Ryan's very first Fish & Chips meal!

Looks like little man had a "chip" on his shoulder tonight. Oh, that was a chunk of my Cod.

His gagging once again tested my Mommy-worry-radar and I did get a bit antsy in myself to let him work it out on his own. I was fully prepared to rip the tray off the Bumbo to help him, but my little trooper managed quite well. Of course, it didn't help that as he was coughing up and spitting out a piece of food, his fingers were right there trying to push it back in.

Glutton. (I say that with love.)


The New Mrs. C said...

You've taken a photo of my favorite sign in England. :)

And glad Ryan did well with the fish and chips, despite the slight blunder. :)

Meg said...

I actually thought of you, Patty, when I took that photo, hehe.