Monday, 18 July 2011

Y3 - 291/365: Just a Few Adjustments Here...

One of the funniest things...and yes, there are LOADS of them...that Ryan does is get right in your face to check your expression when he is doing something stacking things on your head or putting something on you like a hat. He just squats right down and looks right at you! Meanwhile, you do your best to not wet yourself laughing (because it IS that funny).

He seemed very much himself today despite the foul odour/scene I walked into this morning. Sometime between the time that Matt left home at 8:10am and 9 o'clock he got sick in his cot and it was absolutely EVERYWHERE! I had to strip him down right there and throw everything smelly out of the room so I could crack a window and begin to air it out. I think it is the first time ever I have retrieved him on a morning and not cuddled him first thing.

Oh no...he went straight in the tub, just after I pulled food particles from his lovely, blond locks. He must have been so confused why Mommy wasn't picking him up. Instead, we walked hand-in-hand to the bathroom while I assured him that we'd get him all cleaned up and smelling good in no time.

Thinking back, he was off his food all day, yesterday...including refusing offers of fruit or biscuits even! Anyone who knows him well, knows this is so NOT like him. When he only ate about 10 bites of dinner last night I assumed it was likely due to teething.

The sad bit is I never heard him wake in the night so I don't know if he did, got sick, and just fell back asleep on top of everything, but if we did miss his cries I feel bad that we couldn't be there to comfort him.

He was a bit better today, but still not eating as much as he has so perhaps it's just a small tummy bug or a reaction to some milk that might have gone off.

When I returned home from Bingo tonight, I secretly wished he was still awake so I could snuggle with him, but Matt had long put him down and said he was out like a at least I know he was tired enough and will have more chance of sleep.

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