Thursday, 14 July 2011

Y3 - 287/365: Little Boy Blue

Methinks his little Primark shorts are a tad too! He's only just grown out of 9-12 month bottoms...but only BARELY. Still, he rocked 'em at his Nan & Grandad's today while I had what I'm pretty sure will be my final supply post before the 6-week summer holiday.

This weekend we're looking forward to a trip up Manchester way to visit Matt's aunt, uncle & cousins. We had a visit from his Aunt Margaret and Uncle Eric last year here at the cottage, but haven't seen his cousins Sarah & Julia and their families since just after Amy was born...almost TWO years ago. In fact, his cousins haven't had the pleasure of meeting Ryan face-to-face.

I wonder what he has in store?

Until then he has found great joy in dancing with Daddy on his feet...

...and attempting to hijack Mommy's camera -- after smashing mashed potato into his hair!

Never a dull moment.

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