Sunday, 17 July 2011

Y3 - 290/365: The Bolton Crew

We finally had the chance to meet up with Matt's cousins, who live up just past Manchester, in Bolton. The last time we saw them was back when Amy was first born, almost 2 years ago when I was still pregnant with Ryan! Then he was born that December and because of the timing with the holidays and all the snow, we just haven't found the time to meet up since.

He was a bit shy at first, but soon made himself at home watching Daddy and 2nd cousin, Jack, play a bit of footie.

Then he decided he would be up for a game or two himself. Look at him standing ready to 'chest' the ball! He even convinced Lucy to join in with him for a bit.

Alice (another second cousin) was a great sport, too!

Both Alice and her sister, Emily, were so good about playing with Ryan all afternoon. They really kept him entertained!

We managed to get him still enough for a bit of time to do some drawing with cousin Amy.

And before long, just minutes before we decided to head home, he just couldn't keep his eyes open any longer. Long, rough day for a tiny, little man!

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