Monday, 11 July 2011

Y3 - 284/365: Mommy's Michaelangelo?

I couldn't decide what we should get up to this afternoon, so I opted for some painting outdoors. It was just sunny and warm enough for Ryan to rock out in a simple vest and bare feet and I certainly wasn't going to attempt any painting INdoors like the activity bucket suggested. Rainy day activity, my bum! Have you MET Ryan?!

I set up a nice selection of paints, beginning with the primary red, blue and yellow...and then making an additional 3 plates with green, orange, and purple, all complete with spongy stampers. Ryan got stuck in straightaway!

He preferred the blue over the other colours and even found the paintbrush made perfect strokes...on his TOES! Then he would stand up and marvel at his masterpiece while walking over to clean his brush in the water.

I actually question if this might have been his favourite bit!

Then back over to orange before Mommy stamped a few ginger kitty shapes. I made some 'meow' sounds as I did this and caught him mimicking me at one point with the meowing.

He really got into it and the best bit for me was being able to remind myself that it would all wash off so I could enjoy his matter how big the mess.

I did struggle a bit because I wanted to jump right in and paint away, too, but I also wanted to capture as much of the moment as possible. This is really the first chance he has had open opportunity (outside) to just go where the moment took him.

I loved seeing him so focused on the activity!

And even when it was time to go inside and wash up, he willingly placed his paintbrush in the bowl of water and let me wrap him in a towel to smuggle him inside to the bath.

I can't wait to figure out how to display his masterpiece!!