Saturday, 16 July 2011

Y3 - 289/365: BFFs in the Making

Ilene brought Rhys over this afternoon so the boys could get together and so she and I could sit and flap our yaps, of course. It was the first time the boys interacted directly as last time it was between their pushchairs at The Bullring.

This first photo just tickled me because of the series of events that led to it being taken to begin with.

Both Rhys and Ryan had their own water to drink, but it's much more fun to drink someone else's water. Better's MORE fun to TAKE TURNS!! And...that's exactly what we watched them do for about 5 or 6 "passes" of the cup. They'd take a drink and pass to the other one, who was patiently waiting, then that one would take a drink and pass it back. It was so sweet to watch!

Rhys was full of cuddles and love to share with Ryan, and although we consider Ryan to be very loving towards us, it caught him a bit off guard as he doesn't often get regular one-on-one time with anyone his age (outside of his cousin, Amy, of course).

Rhys was also full of some mad/sweet wrestling moves, which Ryan also found equally amusing. I suppose having older siblings, in Rhys's case, is a bit of an advantage.

As Matt and I looked over some of the photos tonight I commented that this one I can see being repeated many years down the line in a situation where the boys are in college/Uni and one is guzzling a cider in the background while the other is going streaking! These pair can really ham it up!

It is only just the beginning though...

...of a budding, British friendship.

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