Monday, 25 July 2011

Y3 - 298/365: Our Little Comedian

We're heading to the seaside Wednesday for a day-trip to Weston-Super-Mare. Ryan is making a list in his little diary of things he needs to take along. Pretty sure that his penguin, monkey, giraffe, and 'Baa' are on the list.

He can nearly put his shoes on all by himself now! Our little 'big' boy!

He's a bit of a nut, too!

This actually had Matt and me in stitches and nearly wetting ourselves! Here he was jamming all the heads of his animal friends down into the bucket and we both wondered, out loud, where Myst was and how we could just picture Ryan doing the same to the cat!! Squashing his kitty head into the bucket but leaving out his big fluffy tail.

What made it so funny is that it's something Ryan really WOULD try to do if he could. So in our minds all we could "see" were two giant Myst-eyes and his fluffy tail sticking out.

Hmm...maybe WE aren't right?!

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