Friday, 15 July 2011

Y3 - 288/365: In Ryan's Words...

Name: Ryan
Age: (4 days shy of) 19 months
Number of Toofy-Pegs: 10 (just broke another one yesterday!)

Lives With:
Mama, Dada, Kee-kah
Favourite Drink(s): Wawa
Favourite Food(s): (Yes...I mean...) Nana
Favourite Toys: Cah (car), Baw (ball)
Likes Cuddles With: Bah (sheep)
In His Bath, Enjoys: Bubbow (bubbles) and Ducka-ducks
Can Wave:
Huhwoow (hello) and Buhh (bye)
Answers Most Questions With: Yeah
Recent Phrases/Words: No/Nah (complete with head-shake to drive home his point), That, Hiya, Okay, Dinnah (dinner), and Pahwoow (pillow)
Needs a 12-Step Programme for: Nicking Daddy's Keys

ASL Signs mastered so far: more, milk, eat, finished, please, brush teeth, bath

Mommy's Comment: He's ours, all OURS!!

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