Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Y3 - 286/365: Another Day Out

Ryan had his second ever trip to The Bullring today and first to Victoria Square, just like Mommy. We headed out to meet a couple more American ladies -- Steffunny, an expat from North Carolina already living here and Stacy, a soon-to-be-expat from Wisconsin, at the beginning of her visa journey.

We met up for a bite to eat inside and flapped our yaps, much like three American women would. Then we took a gander out to the bull and passed a street drum & bass performer before a sleepy Ryan was secured in the Moby for a nice snooze on Mommy's back.

When we got to Victoria Square we stopped and chatted some more at the fountain. We did a bit of people-watching before little man woke up and wanted to get down so he could chase the pigeons and check out the water.

Ryan took to the ladies really well and brought out his natural, flirty, charm as he likes to do.

We all definitely can't wait to meet up again and I know Steffunny and I will look forward to when Stacy finally makes it out this side of the pond!

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