Friday, 8 July 2011

Y3 - 281/365: Lunch With the Lads

We had an outing today and took the train into Birmingham. We went to the Bullring to meet fellow expat, Ilene, and her gorgeous little boy, Rhys for the first time. Rhys is only about 3 months older and he and Ryan seemed to hit it off well, despite being confined to their pushchairs for the duration. We stopped for a bite to eat and Ilene and I had a good natter between ourselves and gushing over our little lads as they sipped "finely aged" Fruit Shoots and nibbled cheese sandwiches.

Ryan slept for a grand total of 30 minutes on the trains home. He actually fell asleep while wandering around New Street Station in search of the lift to the right platform. It seemed when we made it to one platform, the train had already left leaving us minutes to get to a completely different platform...and lifts are SO efficient for this type of thing. He woke up when we got to Smethwick Galton Bridge and was in full goofball-mode by the time we reached Rowley and got back home to the cottage.

Trying on his Krispy Kreme hat Ilene had picked up for him...

...and his winter hat that he found from who-knows-where... hiding in his Peeka Pod tunnel. Where's Ryan?!

Was it a big surprise that he was off to sleep no problem tonight?

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