Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Y3 - 285/365: Baa

This first photo has absolutely nothing to do with the main part of the blog tonight, but I couldn't resist including it. In the picture, Ryan is staring at a pesky fly that managed to sneak in through the window. He must have been stood there for 3 minutes just watching this fly, so I quickly ran and grabbed the camera...and now you see.

But I digress...

In Ryan's last parcel from his Great Nanny in America, she sent a few toys, one of which is this fluffy, white sheep. Ryan actually calls him 'Baa' and Baa MUST go everywhere with him. When we set up to have our tea tonight, Ryan insisted Baa (and his penguin, Mr. Waddles) sat right there with him...ON his tray, of all places. He got a bit upset when we explained Baa would have to watch from the footstool...to keep his lovely, white fur, both lovely and white whilst Ryan tucked in to his pasta mess.

Probably the most important place Baa must go with Ryan is with him to bed. He asks for him by name when he has his milk, even if he is on the verge of nodding off. He will mumble, "Baaaaa," and hold out his arms until we place his dear sheep close.

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