Monday, 30 August 2010

Year 2 Day 334: Car Seat FAIL

A couple weeks back this car seat was on offer at Asda for only £15 -- I believe marked down from £25. It does both front and rear-facing and since Matt and I plan to do Extended Rear-Facing (ERF) with Ryan, it seemed like a good deal. The alternatives are much dearer, for example a front/rear-facing Britax seat from Babies R Us, and although we do plan on getting something a little more substantial, we thought this would be a decent interim seat until we could afford the other.

The seat (Nania Trio Plus) had a 4-star review rating, however, the lower-starred reviewers complained it didn't have much padding and one even said it didn't fit well in her Corsa (which is what we have). We decided to get one anyway and see for ourselves.

Although Ryan does enjoy the extra room and being able to sit more upright, his head flops dangerously forward (which was another complaint of reviewers) when he falls asleep. Also, it's not exactly secure by just the seat belt in the car as we have to wedge it against the back of the driver's seat. So, from these discoveries we have chosen to retire this seat to keep as a booster for when we're ready for him to face forward.

Until then, looks like it's back to the snug little infant seat for a while longer.


Knithappens said...

ooh sorry this is not the one we got

we got this one,

but ours is in black and red, some great reviews too, may be worth a look

Meg said...

Ours is Navy Blue and red. That one from Argos looks much more padded.

Barb said...

*coming out of lurking* Hi! :)

Is it level (it doesn't look like it from the photo)? Sometimes you have to put a towel or a noodle to get it level. Perfectly safe (this isn't my site):

We had to do it in our extended cab truck because the seats (of the truck) have an incline. His car seat is perfect for our son (also Ryan) now :)

Meg said...

Thanks, Barb.

We may have to check that out in that case, although in all honesty, I'm still not keen on the seat itself. It's quite hard and the cover is just a he's sitting on hard plastic.

But I still appreciate the suggestion. x