Thursday, 12 August 2010

Year 2 Day 316: Taco Thursday!

Matt and I fancied something different for tea for once, so last night we picked up the bits and bobs to make soft tacos. After Matt joined Ryan and I on our walk this evening, he spent time with his little XBox apprentice in the front room while I got all the fixings ready. Lucky duck, Ryan, was the first to try a nice slice of red pepper, which he nommed on for quite a while.

I also gave him a bit of my corn tortilla as well as some tomato and bits of mince -- he really liked the mince and tomato!

Of course for afters he enjoyed an apricot flavoured yogurt. Mmm! Note: That is mince on his forhead. Don't ask how it got there...I haven't a clue!

Then it was time for a bath and bed. Tonight was the second proper night of trying this Sleep Sense thing out. I ended up starting things much later than intended, but I figured it would be best to keep the routine itself consistent as the objective was to teach him to put himself to sleep without me as a "soother" of sorts.

I had to laugh at myself when I was lotioning him and getting him into PJ's after his bath. He isn't a fan of lying on his back, but it's necessary when putting his nappy on so I try to sing songs to distract him. I was trying to think of a song that wasn't upbeat and instead kind of mellow so I began with "Goodnight, Baby." The only downside to this was that I was nearly in a fit of giggles singing it as it reminded me of a song we all sang in college during hockey games. It's the same tune, only instead of 'baby' we sang "Goodnight, Ladies!" to the opposing team. I'm sure Ryan wouldn't have noticed the change in lyrics, but I don't want to get into the habit of ending his bedtime song choice with..."We just kicked your ass!"

Still, the physical routine was winding down and by half-nine, it was time to put him into his cot. The past couple of times (last night and today's nap time) he would start by chattering to his "cot-mates" (i.e. Scout and his purple hippo), then he would roll around every inch of the cot before getting a bit fractious and starting to fuss until he was full-blown crying (with me right next to him shushing)...because after all, what kind of MEAN MOMMY exiles her only son to a barren cot mattress, void of all cushiness and smells of milk?

Answer: THIS mommy.

Tonight, however, was a bit different. He chattered. He rolled. He squeaked. He rubbed his eyes and kicked his leg...and then...

...he went to sleep!

Not. One. Single. Tear.

I covered him with his blanket and turned the light out in the room before quickly retreating down to the front room where I questioned my dear husband by asking, "So, did you hear Ryan just wailing away up there?"

He didn't even flinch or look up from the XBox as he replied, "Yeah, a little bit."


So I told him he was one and this made him look at me puzzled until I explained that our son did not shed a solitary teardrop in tonight's bedtime routine. A first.

Of course Matt managed to back-pedal and say that he could hear him a bit when he was chattering and squeaking away. Fair enough.

But most importantly...little man did NOT cry. I couldn't be more proud of the little mite.

Next on the agenda: Changing his (now) one night waking, to none.

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