Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Year 2 Day 307: Title Goes Here

Ryan was down for a decent amount of time today during his nap, so I made sure to make good use of the time by getting some laundry finished. When I heard him stirring, I stood at the base of the stairs (as I always do) and listened to make certain he was actually awake and not just making noises in his sleep. I was confused, however, when I could hear proper giggles (as he usually whimpers when he realises he is alone), so I went up to investigate.

I watched for a while from the doorway as he reached up and smacked his Leap Frog caterpillar and then tipped over his pal, Scout before then squeezing his paw and activating the 'Bedtime Music.' As soon as he heard me creeping into the room, he turned around and this is the photo I captured.

We ended up making a trip to the Asda-Walmart Supercentre shortly after Matt returned home from work. Unfortunately they were all out of the bath-seats we were hoping to get, so we just ended up getting some baby necessities and veg. Baby necessities naturally included Rusks, and Ryan had his first taste of one tonight and LOVED it!

We also may have fallen into a 3 for £5 trap on some small, cheapie toys for little man...just a set of nesting/stacking cups, a ring tower, and a little paddling bath frog. He was well-impressed with these and they really caught his interest when we got home! This purchase was totally justified because he rarely gets any new toys.

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