Sunday, 29 August 2010

Year 2 Day 333: Little Nipper

Here is our little bundle fresh from an afternoon nap. He's had a pretty tough past couple of days with teething and last night someone decided to switch my child for one of the Cullens from the Twilight series.

He has been waking several times a night now and since I know he's eating plenty, it has to be teething and possibly yet another growth spurt. When I brought him into bed with me at half-two this morning to nurse, we both fell asleep for about an hour. When I woke I decided to move him to his cot, but when I started to move, he started to root again so I latched him on for another top up feed. This is when the first incident occurred.


It isn't very often when he bites, and it's always when he's having teething for this reason, I usually don't latch him back on. Except in my zombie-state, I did and he bit me even harder. When I looked down I saw that this time he drew blood!

Yep...Mommy's little baby vamp!

Then all morning he's been a bit fussy off and on and every time he goes to nurse, he cries in pain and can't stay latched for very long. The suction is really hurting his gums.

Fast forward to tonight when I was putting him to bed and he just wasn't having it. He's been extra drooly and kept blowing raspberries instead of sleeping. Then Matt tried to help rock him and he had a major meltdown. The neighbours probably thought we were torturing him.

I can see where a top tooth is trying to make its way through the gum...I just hope it gets the job over and done with soon so my little bunny can catch a break and get some sleep!

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