Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Year 2 Day 321: Spin Cycle

Our new 6kg washing machine was delivered yesterday and it is a serious improvement from the one previous, which was second-hand and on its last leg. It would stop at the rinse cycle and although you could advance the dial, it still wasn't rinsing properly, nor was it using the fabric conditioner -- a must when you have a baby with super soft skin.

When I started the laundry this morning, Ryan was fascinated by the bigger porthole and each load involved a game where I had to sit on the floor with him for a period of time while he watched the water pour into the drum and then slosh the clothes around. He even insisted on standing on his own for a few minutes at a time, slapping the door, squealing in delight, and looking back at me with a huge grin.

And this is when I question why we bother with any baby toys when adult daily-living appliances are sufficient enough for entertainment in his eyes?


Jamie said...

lol I don't know why we buy toys either! Reagan was driving me nuts earlier so I gave her a hair brush and she was good and quiet for a really long time hahaha so weird they are!

Meg said...

Seriously. He has more fun with his burp cloth and an empty bottle of soda sometimes than he does with any actual toys.