Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Year 2 Day 315: Sleep Sense

Tonight was our first official night trying the Sleep Sense Programme (sent to me via a very helpful fellow mommy-friend). We tested it last night but since we had tea later than normal and with all the running around for Matt's birthday, Ryan was absolutely putting him to bed awake, but drowsy wasn't an option because he REFUSED to wake up. He did stir once in the night around 4am, but rather than nurse him back to sleep, Matt worked his Daddy-magic (because unlike me, he doesn't smell like a milk-trolley). Within 40 minutes he was settled again and slept through until 7am when he awoke in a chirpy and squeaky mood.

The plan tonight was to try putting him to bed earlier and starting his bedtime routine by 7pm. That then backfired when we only returned from Tesco at half-six and his drowsy signals in the store guaranteed he would naturally fall asleep on the way home -- not what I wanted. This is when I brought him upstairs to change his nappy and put him in PJs...and this photo opportunity arose.

Again...OUT. LIKE. A. LIGHT.

Until...I took off his cosy shoes. (Mean Mommy)

I had him changed, clothed, lotioned before we sang a song, heard a story, and I nursed for about 10 minutes. He was put in his cot and I started following the plan of gently soothing him as he lay there. The only problem was...he didn't lay there. He was wired. Instead he was all over the cot, rolling and thrashing his body around and giggling.

After a bit I brought him downstairs so I could eat my tea and within the hour we were back up and at it again. It took just under an hour and a few tears were shed -- probably tears because he was tired and wanted to be asleep, but didn't know how to get himself there without a boob in his mouth. Thankfully though, just before 9pm, I put him down for the final time, drowsy with droopy eyes...he wiggled and squirmed a bit...and then he put his arm around his hippo friend and off to dream-land he went.

Now it's the waiting game to see how effective putting him down sooner is. I know Matt and I will miss some time with him in the evening, but judging on how much he rubs his eyes from 7pm on most nights, it's really not fair to him at the end of the day.

Here's hoping!

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Nicole said...

that pic is adorable!!!