Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Year 2 Day 328: Uhm...Moo

A bit of an unusual day as the power went out mid-morning. I rang Matt at work to see if we could get in touch with the landlord since we didn't know which energy supplier to call, and Matt suggested I first check the fuse box. His first instruction was to "turn on the light" so I could see...until I reminded him that it was power we were lacking. D'oh! So I had to opt for the only torch in the house.

Enter: "Moo"

It's a children's torch and when you flick the trigger in the handle, his mouth opens and he literally moos!

Let me just say, it's not easy to be serious on the phone with someone when you have to keep flicking the trigger to open the mouth of a mooing-cow-torch just to see the fuse box in the dark cupboard under the stairs.

It turned out to be an outage in the area, which was only discovered after playing phone tag for nearly two and a half hours. During that time, Ryan and I played with "Moo" for a while.

He was quite intrigued by the light, once he managed to turn it on.

Then he couldn't seem to get the cow's mouth shut to turn it back off again. Thrashing it on the floor and beating it to "death" with his heels-of-steel didn't work and neither did trying to force his cow jaws shut with his Baby Hulk hands.

Later, his teeth started to give him some grief, so I prepared a crunchy snack of cucumber and carrots, nice and cool, straight from the fridge. They really hit the spot! I should say I was also proud that this is the first time he chewed some proper little chunky divots out of the carrot. He finally put those bottom two teeth to use!

Here is a video as well...

Of course, everyone stages a veggie-battle when they're done eating...right?

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Brianna said...

Veggie battle! I love it..... so who won?! ;)