Monday, 9 August 2010

Year 2 Day 313: Ooo...Fright Me!

This is a toned-down version of the reaction you get off Ryan when the Hoover is on. In fact, this tensed up reaction, plus hysterical crying is the reason why I can no longer do it in the front room when Matt's not home to look after him in another room. He goes absolutely ballistic!

Matt was only just doing the hallway and I looked at Ryan who pulled his arms to his chest and the bottom lip came out with a look at me that said, "They're coming for US!"

My poor little buddy.


Brianna said...

Griffin just started this too! It used to never bother him when I dried my hair or vacuumed the house and now he instantly cries and crawls away from the noise as fast as he can. Does Ryan get scared of other loud noises too, or just the vac?

Knithappens said...

Lillia was fine withthe hoover until 6 months, now she screams and gets so scared we have to take her either upstairs or out of the house to hoover, thats why my floor sometimes looks like a battle ground, or i go around on hands and knees with a dustpan and brush

Meg said...

Some other loud noises startle him a bit, but nowhere near as much as the Hoover. In fact, the hair-dryer used to be one of the only things that could calm his cries as a newborn...weird.