Friday, 13 August 2010

Year 2 Day 317: Water Baby

I've only ever taken bath-time photos of Ryan (IN the bath) one other time, but that was before he learned to splash, so the bath was downstairs in the front room. We'd put on a recorded episode of Waybuloo or Squiglet for the duration of his bath and he was a happy little camper. Now that he has started splashing about, it was getting too messy for being down in the front room, so his bath has relocated to being upstairs INSIDE the big tub.

We don't have a proper little bath seat just yet that will suction inside, so his baby bath still works out quite fine. Plus, it saves on water consumption because there is less space for the water to fill.

And then, of course, Ryan is content as he can still have his bath buddies present. His new favourite bath game is catching his wind-up froggy who paddles across the water. I find it especially amusing when he pulls him out of the water -- still kicking!

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