Monday, 2 August 2010

Year 2 Day 306: Egg-cetera

I decided to give scrambled eggs a try today. There is a lot of debate over whether certain foods should be given before specific ages, however, neither Matt nor myself have any known food allergy history in our families. Plus, in my Baby Led Weaning book it does say that scrambled egg is fine as long as it is well and fully cooked. So we went for it!

Normally, Ryan will squash foods immediately with his iron-fisted Hulk-grasp, but I think he is starting to learn that if a food is softer, he will need a lighter grip. He did so well at gently picking up the food and placing it into his mouth. He REALLY seems to like scrambled egg!

Then, as always, the cue that he is finished with his meal is when he just starts to play with it. But at least he learned that bashing two fistfuls of scrambled egg together doesn't produce any loud sounds.

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