Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Year 2 Day 272: Magic Touch

I was able to get a photo of Ryan's two bottom teeth. They've just surfaced in the last few weeks, but aren't fully up yet and I think they still may be giving him quite a bit of grief. His hands are still constantly in his mouth and today I've been watching his tongue curiously flicker across his new found pearly whites. I've also been bitten a couple of times, though not on purpose. He likes to play with my hands and I think he just got a little over excited and bit down hard enough on my pinkie to leave a raised, red bump.

I'm wondering if he's having yet another growth spurt since he has been cluster-feeding recently and last night he woke three times between 1am and 4am. It's leaving me pretty exhausted during the day as well since he has also decided he doesn't need naps. In fact, twice today he got fussy on his play mat, but not full-on crying so I watched for cues to see what the cry was for since I knew it couldn't be food or nappy -- and that's when I saw the infamous large-mouth bass yawn. I picked him up and rocked him all of 5 minutes before he was out like a light on my shoulder. However, as soon as I placed him down somewhere to continue napping, he was up again.

When Daddy got home the three of us spent some time outside on the porch looking out over the hills so Ryan could get some fresh air. It was raining earlier in the day so we didn't manage to get a walk or garden time even. Upon returning inside, Ryan had some air time in the Jumperoo and quickly grew bored and cranky. Matt reached down and picked him up and then just rocked with his little mate...

And within five minutes this was the result!

So, for the first time in a long time, Ryan went down for bed before 8pm and Mommy took the opportunity to get some kip as well since she fully expects him to be Mr. Early Bird in the morning.

We were both back up around 11pm to come downstairs. I changed his nappy and gave him a top-up feed, but it wasn't long before it was 'lights out' again to my little tuckered out mite.

I sure hope we can get his sleep back on track before I permanently turn into a zombie.

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