Sunday, 6 June 2010

Year 2 Day 249: You Are the Light of the World!

Well, he's the light of my world anyway -- and I think it's fair enough to speak for Matt and include him as the light of his as well. This is what I am so fortunate to look upon every morning of every day and I feel so lucky to have the moments I do with him!

It has been really, really warm off and on the past couple weeks to the point where the only comfortable place is inside and sitting on the settee in front of the fan (I've mentioned before very few places in the UK have air-conditioning as they don't need it often enough). I knew that due to the high humidity, not as though I'm a self-appointed meteorologist, we were in for some rain. Little did I know it would start last night...complete with THUNDER! Oooooo!

Yep...thunder! I haven't heard thunder since before I moved here in 2008!

So when I heard the familiar rumbling again today, I rushed upstairs to get a better look...

Coming in from just over Clent and Walton Hills was a very obvious rain shower accompanied by some very distinct thunder in the distance. I'm just hoping it will cool things down a bit, or at least enough for me to want to do more than sit around.

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