Thursday, 24 June 2010

Year 2 Day 267: Baby Battle Wounds

Ryan awoke bright and early at 4:30am this morning with his very first "injury" which caused Matt to react by saying, "Aww, mate...your perfect little face." Apparently some time between 2 and 4am Ryan managed to use the ONE sliver of 'claw' he had left on his right hand and scratch his little, soft baby cheek.

Such a shame...but I did put a teeny bit of Sudocrem on it and by early evening, the redness had gone down. I guess breast milk is supposed to work wonders as well on scratches. Odd, I know. It's like breast milk to babies is the Windex of the Greeks -- it fixes everything.

After 2pm, I took Ryan down to the doctor's surgery for the Thursday baby clinic. The two health visitors there were really nice and they even offered to measure his length! The one in Brierley Hill won't do it as often, but they were more than willing so we did.

Little man's gains have slowed down quite a bit and he now weighs 16 lbs 1 oz and is 65 cm long (which is roughly 25.5 in). I asked about his gains tapering and she pointed out that it's okay because he is in proportion with his length and is between the 9th and 25th percentile. She asked how things were going and if we were ready to start solids and I told her we were doing Baby-Led Weaning. I was really pleased to see a supportive smile across her face when she said that the parents they have come through now who do BLW, have reported lots of success and seem to really enjoy it. She said it is also nice because it doesn't replace breastfeeding or formula, so they're still getting the calories and antibodies they need.

Bonus to the health visitor who knows her stuff!

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