Monday, 21 June 2010

Year 2 Day 264: Night Falling on Rowley Village

I'm a bit later than I have been for some time to be blogging for the night, but Ryan was fighting sleep and then started wailing out of nowhere and pulling at his gums. I'm thinking and hoping this is the entrance of toothy number two!

They say that some babies don't react much when they're teething and the only way parents find out is when they suddenly see a tooth appear. Not our Ryan, though. He is letting the WORLD know his pain...and Mommy is doing her best to dull it with drugs before bed.

Thank you, Calprofen.

Matt finally got his Father's Day gift, albeit a bit late due to some unforeseen technical difficulties -- I had to run to Boots at Merry Hill tonight to get some photos printed. Matt's gift was a wooden frame containing the following three photos...

Emma did one with Amy as well only her D-A-D letters are pink. The best part is that both the kids have A's in their names, so we got additional glitter letters (from our weekend trip to Hobbycraft) to spell out their names for their rooms -- SCORE!

I'm pleased with how they both turned out and Matt really liked it as well. I'm already mapping out in my head what I'd like to do next year for Father's Day. HA!

On the way back home, Matt mentioned the sky being really pretty, so I convinced him to take a bit of a detour up Rowley Village to a lookout area where you could see the skyline pretty well. Lucky for us, the camera captured the beauty pretty accurately, I think.

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