Thursday, 3 June 2010

Year 2 Day 246: Lunch...Alfresco

The haze outside cleared up a bit this afternoon so I decided to take advantage and I prepared lunch for Ryan and myself to take outside on the patio. My menu consisted of turkey & salad sandwiches and a banana. And since Baby-Led Weaning is all about offering the same thing that you might be eating Ryan had some cucumber sticks, tomato wedges and half a banana (with the skin left on the bottom for him to hold it). He was very much a fan of the banana!

I must say that BLW has been pretty enjoyable thus far. It's nice that I don't have to be too concerned about if he is consuming enough. Since he is breastfed anyway, up to this point I have just accepted that he eats when he is hungry and that will carry through with solids as well, once he starts getting the hang of it all. Plus, it's not like his milk feeds are being replaced BY this food, they simply compliment it and he carries on breastfeeding as he has done, gradually weaning himself off the more solids he chooses to consume. Ultimately I know that if he is filling nappies and thriving, all is right in his world when it comes to getting enough to eat.


Natalie said...

You are such a good mama!! :) I think BLW is so interesting. I had never heard of that before! I would totally do that when Jeff and I have a little one of our own. It seems to make a whole lot of sense!

Meg said...

Awe, thanks!

It really does make sense IMO because it's a lot more natural. Plus, it reduces the liklihood that your kid will be "that kid" whop only ever eats chicken nuggets for every meal because he/she doesn't "like" such-and-such.

I hope it continues to work for us.

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